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In all of the above merchant account types, you will notice that they are based on how a merchant processes the majority of its credit card transactions, but not all! The credit card networks have different rules for different merchant account types. If a merchant is set up with the wrong merchant account, it can cause excessive downgrades, which leads to higher processing costs. 
Credit Card Services takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations.
From audit and authorization to venture capital and Verified by Visa, the above link contains a list of the merchant terms you need to know.
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Visa and MasterCard have rules that govern all members.  This section will provide an overview of:
  • What Causes Chargebacks
  • Chargeback Reasons
  • Chargeback Best Practices
  • Basic Fraud Tools
  • Visa & MasterCard Excessive Chargeback Program Fees
Chargebacks are increasing and is a cost and part of accepting credit cards. However, you and your staff can minimize if not eliminate chargebacks at the time of sale by working to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and accuracy on each transaction.
High risk merchant accounts - It is up to the underwriting department at the third-party processor, acquiring bank, aggregator, or provider to determine which merchant accounts are considered high risk. It is possible that your business will be considered high risk by one provider, where another may assign your type of business a normal risk factor.
Tips to Reduce Chargebacks
Fraud Prevention